My dearest…

IMG_0348Dear tiny seed,

I’m so glad you’re here! I pored over seed catalogs all winter searching for just “the one.” I did some online research with the local extension service, borrowed a couple of texts from the library, and googled you, just for good measure. I looked into companion plants and searched for the best sized container for you. I’m getting some special seed starting soil just to make sure you’re comfortable during your first days and have picked out a nice, sunny spot for you to stretch your legs. I’m looking forward to our time together.

-Eager gardener

plant-7407_1280Dear tiny seedling,

I can’t believe you and your brothers made it, you beautiful little sun worshippers! Yes, I know those clippers are getting a bit close, but you don’t all fit. You want your own room, don’t you? The sun’s a little too warm? Let me move you. The shade’s a bit too cool? How about over here? You don’t want to spend the night outside? Come sleep in the window. I can’t wait until you’re a little older!

-Hopeful gardener

IMG_20150809_082328_hdrDear growing plant,

Well, look at you! All grown up and looking fine. You’ve got great color, strong growth… just look at those lovely leaves! Don’t mind the compost tea bath. It’s to keep pests at bay. What pests, you ask? Hopefully, you will never know. These are things your mother gardener worries about. Just keep doing your thing.

-Happy gardener

Who knew okra was so pretty?
Who knew okra was so pretty?

Dear flowering plant,

You are looking lovely today. Those flowers are simply radiant! Whoops… you lost one, or two. I must retreat to the interwebs. Just stay calm, I will be back shortly.

-Panicked gardener

Mini bells!
Mini bells!

Dear fruiting plant,

I’m so proud of you! Look at those gorgeous tiny fruit. Well done, plant… well done! So, uh, how long do ya think before those ripen up? Just curious.

-Hungry gardener