A Full Rotation

What’s this? I’m feeling a bit chilly, and what on earth is this wet stuff on my leaves. Shake, shake… hello, limbs, shake! Okay, fine. I’ll wait for wind.

Where’s the wind? Hello! Fellow plants! Are any of you familiar with this wet stuff forming on our leaves? Nooo, it is not just me. Would you… just for one moment… just look… Never mind, then! Hmpf!

Look, there! Just behind the trees! The sky is reddening, and purpleing. It is the east, and well, it’s the sun! Ahhh… there’s a little breeze, and a drying effect. Nobody wants to get moldy!

And there’s my little friend! Oh, how I adore him! He keeps me warm and I just feel so much stronger and more alive in his presence. Everyone loves him. I can’t keep my eyes off him. I must follow his every move.

Holy mother of… damn, it’s hot! Listen, Sunshine, Light of My Life, I know you’re just being you, but, umm… my leaves are wilting. It’s just too much, my darling orb of fire. For the love of Pete, dim that shit!

Ahhh… I followed you as far as I could, but you’ve hidden yourself from me. I am not saddened. I can still feel the warmth of your presence and evidence of your brightness in the shadows left behind. Au revoir, my simmering slice of heaven. I’ll see you tomorrow, first thing.

He’s so scorching hot, I’m left looking wilted and sad by the end of his visit! Recovery is quick and made even faster by a delicious drink of water. Too bad I’ll have to settle for water out of the hose, again. I wish he would talk to his cloud friends, but I rarely see them out together, anyway.

What’s this? His cloud friends have happened by and they are looking inspired… rambunctious even! They’ve let down some cooling drops and holy sh…. gulp, gulp, gurgle, gulp! Ya’ll are a bunch of over-achievers! Whaddaya tryin’ to do, drown me?! Leaving me bent over the pot staring at the ground is not dignified! On the other hand, that was some delicious water. Maybe you can come by again tomorrow. You know, after sunset…

Clouds are still hanging overhead, but they’re just up there chattering. With Sunshine long gone now, I’m starting to get a bit chilly… and my leaves are wet, again. Everything will be better once I see him again.

No… I am not stoned. It’s for my writing class… really!

Those I Am Grateful For

This week on Colline’s Blog, she shared a lovely note from one of her students. It reminded me of how wonderful it is to receive a handwritten letter in the mail. So many times, I think about and have full intention to send out a thoughtful letter to a loved one and most of the time I just don’t get around to it.

Folks I wanted to drop a line to this week:

Dad, thanks for driving all the way out here and spending two days fishing an old creek and a new pond with me. I surprised myself, and probably you too, when I found myself in a bit of a pickle with that feisty sunfish and called out for your help. “Dad! This silly fish is not cooperating!” I guess we’re never to old to sometimes need our Daddy.

Sis, I know you’re not terribly fond of the outdoors, but you put up with the heat and the bugs and the “ewww” factor like a champ. Don’t think your efforts have gone unnoticed. Thanks for letting me have my fishy fun!

There are so many more I can think of to be grateful for. You may not know it, but you brought joy to my day and warmed my heart.

Saturday morning

Everyone at home is still asleep and I’m sitting alone at the dining table with a fresh pot of coffee brewing in pure, delicious silence. As you may know, I’ve been working on this writing class, so I feel like I’ve kinda gotten off-topic these last few weeks. The original idea for this blog was to help some eager, but hesitant, new gardeners find joy and build confidence in gardening. I thought of it as kind of a “no-drop” or no-man-left-behind sort of adventure and I still hope it will be.

I’ve spent a lot of time in front of the keyboard these last two weeks and not much time in the garden. It’s probably a good thing, though. Where I lack patience, I’ve inserted blogging. I’ve only had time to check on my garden a few times a day, as opposed to a few dozen. I do feel a little guilty, though. Not just because I’ve redirected my focus, at least temporarily, but because of how much I’ve enjoyed running off on these tangents and how much fun it’s been chatting with new online friends.

I’m eager to get back to the soil. Who knows? Maybe this weekend I’ll treat myself to a few fresh bags of soil and some nice, fresh mulch… and I’ll tell you all about it a new post.  😉

Hey, friends! If you’re seeing a bunch of “Protected Posts,” do not fret. You’re not being left out. I’m doing some construction on this blog to bring you the best I have to offer. You may not notice the changes right away, but you will in due time. Think of it as scaffolding on slow construction. When its all done, you may not even remember what was there before, but I hope you will like the finished product! Thanks for visiting!